All the energy of the world, all the force of nature.

The demand for energy supplies is constantly growing and Trasfor is aware that in the context of climate change one of the key issues to address in the near future is energy efficiency throughout the supply chain. Environmental management is, without doubt, a competitive lever in the medium to long term, both at the level of advanced economies and the competitiveness of the country.

We envisage, therefore, a future framework in which the themes of production, environmental protection and energy efficiency will need to be approached in a realistic manner and with scientific rigor for the sustainable development of our planet.

In parallel to studies on how to optimize product efficiency by using components with low environmental impact, Trasfor is committed to preventing pollution by pursuing a number of additional targets, such as:

  • 1

    Compliance with all laws, rules, directives and ordinances applicable to products and processes on which Trasfor can have influence, assuming legal responsibility.

  • 2

    Collaboration with national authorities and other organizations to develop regulations and practical guidelines aimed at protecting natural resources and the environment in general.

  • 3

    Reduction in the consumption of material and energy resources to a minimum.

  • 4

    Reduction of the production of waste and contamination of air, water and soil.

  • 5

    Ensure that unavoidable waste is disposed of in an environmentally compatible manner.

  • 6

    Adoption, whenever possible, of technologies that enable the company to achieve these goals.

  • 7

    Raising the awareness of all employees of the environmental impact of their  activities and the company policy on this.

  • 8

    The carrying out of routine checks to ensure compliance with this policy and a continuous improvement of the environmental performance of Trasfor.

With this operational plan, and the active participation of all employees, each of whom is attentive and responsible to the impact on the ecosystem of their work, Trasfor has adopted objectives for environmental management in its business strategy at a global level.

It is to underline this commitment that we wish to make public this policy of ours, in the same way that we publish transparent reports on our environmental performance in the Trasfor Annual Environmental Report. The documents cited are available to the public at any time upon request.