More than 45 years of experience in the research, design and manufacture of transformers and reactors has made Trasfor SA an international industry leader and a primary company in the industrial fabric of the Canton Ticino in Switzerland.

The use of insulation and protection systems, such as cast resin and vacuum pressure impregnation, as well as the various technologies used in the cooling of components, have enabled Trasfor to master all application fields: energy distribution, civil and military marine, offshore, fixed and mobile rail traction as well as in the industry and renewable energy sectors.

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    Renewable Energy

    Renewable energy is defined as the energy that comes from natural resources, like sunlight, wind, waves and rain. By consequences, the electricity generated from solar or wind solutions is included in the definition.

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    Rail transport is an energy-efficient but capital-intensive means of mechanized land transport. The electrification system provides electrical energy to the trains, so they can operate without a prime mover onboard. This allows lower operating costs, but requires large capital investments along...

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    Power Generation

    Electricity generation is the process of creating electricity from other forms of energy.
    Commercial electric utility power stations are most usually constructed on a very large scale and designed for continuous operation.

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    An offshore platform, often referred to as an oil platform or an oil rig, is a large structure used in offshore drilling to house workers and machinery needed to drill wells in the ocean bed...

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    Trasfor manufactures transformers and reactors for a lot of industrial applications. Our products are typically required where large amounts of energy conversion is necessary.

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    The first electric propulsion applications were introduced in the late 1980s and subsequently developed with the implementation of static converters which helped to promote...