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renewable-energy3.pngRenewable Energy

Renewable energy is defined as the energy that comes from natural resources, such as sunlight, wind, sea waves and rain. Consequently, the electricity generated from solar or wind solutions is included in the definition.

Wind energy is produced by converting the kinetic energy of wind into other forms of energy, while the photovoltaic plants or solar solutions are electrical facilities using the sunlight as electricity generator.

For both LV and MV application systems, efficiency and compact sizes are crucial. Our engineering experience allows us to design transformers and inductors to fit inside existing inverter cubicles or in turbine towers, where space is a premium without forgetting that economy is of prime importance.

Our in-house FEA design facility allows our engineers to study complex electro-magnetic circuits as well as the structural and thermal performance enabling us to provide the required level of reliability in the finished product.

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Solar solutions

Low voltage transformers and inductors are used alongside many different types of inverter in both wind and solar energy conversion plants. Cooling systems with either forced air (AF) or forced water (WF) enable very compact dimensions – Often a critical factor in the installations.

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Wind power solutions

The use of cast resin transformers is the preferred solution inside wind turbine towers. The lack of any cooling fluid avoids any potential environmental problems and permits easy and detailed inspection of the core and winding to assist in routine maintenance inspections.

Renewable energy is critical for the future of our environment and Trasfor identifies the importance of this rapidly expanding industry to its continued growth as a company. For this reason over 50% of our annual R&D budget is dedicated solely to the development of products and systems associated with the renewable energy sector.