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Trasfor, a leader in customized dry type transformers and reactors technologies, is showcasing its offering and capabilities for the energy industry sector at Hannover Messe 2013. Taking place in April 8-12, 2013, the show documents the complete value-adding chain in the energy industry - from generation, supply, transmission and distribution to the transformation and storage of electricity. Here will be found the world's leading specialists in electric energy technology.

Highlights of our booth:

Transformers and reactors with liquid cooling

We’ll show this technical solution which is particularly suitable for applications involving high currents or where space is limited. The conductor may be cooled internally with a liquid refrigerant (direct cooling) or simply placed next to dissipating surfaces where the liquid is made to circulate (indirect cooling). This type of cooling system allows heat to be dissipated away from the points of installation and has the advantage of providing compact solutions in protected enclosures, despite the high concentration of power involved.

Transformers and reactors for the rail sector

This type of application is suited for aggressive environmental conditions, and characterized by a restrictive MTBF rate (Mean Time Between Failures), the practical exclusion of maintenance and repetitive electro-mechanical stress. In addition, there is the safety aspect regarding the installation position of the units (always outside the train, on the roof or under the carriage), a positioning that needs to satisfy the required mechanical behavior during freezing, shocks and vibration.

Dry type reactors

Chokes and reactors always need to be calculated, designed and built specifically for each application. Trasfor is able to optimally solve all operational requirements thanks to the experience of its engineers, an extensive database of applications and specialized software. The choice of materials used, however, will vary depending on the ultimate purpose of the component and the type of performance and technology to be applied.

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