Individual competence always at the centre.

Special attention is given to the selection, training and management of our employees in the knowledge that our know-how is our main competitive lever.

An accurate visual information system allows us to provide all our employees with information on company performance in terms of quality, orders received, invoicing, absenteeism, safety and suggestions for improvements. By encouraging employees to take an interest in the company’s business we aim to promote the “feel good at work” factor. The idea behind this is to enable the potential and entrepreneurial value of every person to be freely expressed as added value in our daily activities.

We want to move closer and closer to a culture of Lean Management in order to improve efficiency through flexibility, optimizing the company as a system and its value chain. We have been living this culture change for years. It is a long process where all members of staff participate, aware of their own role in the change and the additional opportunities it provides in terms of professional development.

Job Opportunity

Applications will be considered only if skills and experience are those requested in the add; exclusively applying to the career page on the following link, applications will be accepted.